Essense of Australia Wedding Gown - White Taffeta, Jacksonville, NC

**This was my wedding gown, purchased brand new, and worn only once. It has only been tailored on the bottom to shorten the length.** The gown is strapless, with a flattering princess bust decorated in gorgeous, genuine Swarovski crystals. The skirt is caught up, or "bunched" in two places and decorated in simple beading and scattered crystals that match the bodice. The back of the gown is the kicker....It has a FABULOUS loop of nothing but crystals/diamantes and the train drapes down under it. It too has one "bunch", and a train that can be bustled. The bodice is structured and corseted. I LOVED THIS GOWN! : ) However, I am sacrificing it in order to further spoil my daughter with even more fabulous baby gear than she already has!!! **I will include my crinoline (medium puffiness) in the price if requested**

Essense of Australia Wedding Gown - White Taffeta

Location: Jacksonville, NC
Size: 6
Bought for 1,200
Sell for 650

Post number: 38

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