How to delete ad from our site

The only way to delete your message is to click on link printed on "Thank you for your ad" page and automatically sent to user by email just after he/she sent his/her ad. As it written just before new ad form and in confirmation email it will be wise not to loose email with this link. This site is fully automatic, there is no human support system for manual ad deletion most of the time.

Of cause in emergency cases you could write us a request for manual deletion (just number of your ad needed) and send it to . But we do not guarantee quick immediate response, because this project is developed as fully automatic web-system and there are no personal to process something by hands. So several days and even weeks is usual time to process. It is inconvenient, we know, it is not commercial project, so we have no possibilities to recruit staff for such operations. Therefore it will be better not to loose deletion link and keep all under your control. Thank you for understanding.

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